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Business Card (Photoshop)

Illustration for SMC (Photoshop)

                                 Fanart commission based on Okko, the comic  (Photoshop)

 Character Design for TV series for children (Illustrator & Flash)

Posing for TV series (Illustrator, Flash & Photoshop)

Character Design (Modelling Clay)

Character Design for a school assignment
(Illustrator & Flash)

Personal illustration (Traditional inking & color under Photoshop)

Personal illustration (Soft pastel)

Illustration for SMC, a collective with ex-classmates (Photoshop)

Layout for an animated short (Graphic pen & Photoshop)

Lonely Robot, the journey of a cyborg left alone on Earth (mechanical pencil)

Personal illustration (traditional inking & color under Photoshop)

Character Design for an upcoming comics, Racines au vent  
(Traditional inking & color under Photoshop)

Out, personal illustration

  Creepy Scarlett, character design for... fun.
(Traditional inking & color under Photoshop) 

Cover illustration for a children book published by  Mange ta Soupe!  Editions
Page settings by Julio Gallegos.
(Traditional painting, acrylic)

Sheep Boy, personal character design

Business Fight, personal illustration
(Traditional inking & color under Photoshop)

Rice Cake,
Profil Image for a website now closed down

Miss Poulpe,
Character Design for a animated short


Self-portrait for Mange ta Soupe Editions' website.


Header for a now closed down website (Pencil & Photoshop)

Forest God,
Personal illustration
(Traditional painting, gouache)

Grenouille the little mouse,
Character design for an upcoming animated children book for Ipad,
(Graphic pen)


Layouts for my graduate short film
(traditional painting)

(Illustrator & Flash)

Character Design for my own & guilty pleasure
(Traditional inking)

Character design 
based on the poor Craw who dies on the first minutes of the first episode of the first season
of Game of Thrones.
(Poor guy, really)
(Traditional inking)

Character design
for The Avengers' toys,
(mechanical pen)

Monsters Pet,
(Traditional inking)


For more, take a look at my sketches and drawings from life !  HERE

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