jeudi 26 avril 2012


 Okay. Here it is.
The Grand Opening.
I originally wanted to customize a little this site but turns out the new dynamic view of blogger is uncostumizable... So I choosed the KISS way. (Keep It Simple, Stupid ! from Richard Williams  ☺)

I threw all my previous work in Archives (look up in the header bar), deleted all the pages I had for Animation etc ... and created Categories so you'll be able to easily find any previous article ("previous"="from now on")

Menu is the Menu page with all my links for Vimeo (empty ☹), DeviantArt, this blog and my tumblr. Since I erased my Portfolio page, the link isn't working anymore. 
My tumblr follow the "one post a day" rule. This is actually a fantasm. Like every fantasm, I fear this resolution won't last long !
But in each post, there is an hidden link : if you click on the picture, it will redirect you at ... well, whatever I wanted you to see when I created the post. It could be anything : an artist's blog who inspires me, a database I used for the post, a video I was watching when posting, an illegal download, a virus... Anything !

Animation brings together all my animations, whatever the technique and the duration.

Pictures contains finished illustrations.

Comics contains my attempts in this field : European comics and Flash comics.

Miscellaneous regroups doodles, roughs, layouts, researches, 3D and others creations.

Work in Progress is my current project. A short animation film, I'll post a specific article for this one ;)
(smileys are for the steps done and yet to be done)

As for now it contains nothing yet, so please come again this evening and each evening after to follow my progress ! ;)

[If you want a french version of my posts, please say so!] 
[ Pour les anglophobes je peux faire une version française de mes posts, n'hésitez pas à me le demander ] 


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