dimanche 3 février 2013

Concept Art Fail

When you don't get what you want at all

For the first one, I had in mind that the character is originally a guardian of the forest... And I got this weird anime-type design. Bluh.

Well, I kind of like it but it doesn't suit the spirit of the story... The character has to be cute in a way.

Which bring us to the second fail... I kept thinking "He has to be cute he has to be cute..." and... voilà !

I fell in love with the ears so I'm keeping it. But for the rest : garbage ! :)

I didn't have that much design, finally since I had a pretty clear idea of the character when I started working on this. (But with much time, I would've loved going farther and looking for more daring designs ...)

Anyway, next time : the selected design of the character !

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